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Environmentally-friendly window solutions for energy savings.


Initial Contact and Consultation:

  • Reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

  • Share your preferences, needs, and budget during the consultation. 

Site Assessment and Measurements:

  • Our team visits your property to assess existing windows and/or doors, take precise measurements, and understand the scope of the project. 

Window and/or Door Selection and Customization:

  • Finalize window and/or door choices, considering materials, styles, and additional features.

  • Receive a detailed quotation covering materials, labor, and additional services.

  • Learn about window and/or door options, energy efficiency, and project details.

Contract Presentation:

  • Review a comprehensive contract detailing the project scope, materials, timeline, and payment terms.

  • Take the time to review the contract thoroughly.

  • Address any questions or concerns before giving your approval.

  • Sign the contract once you're satisfied.

Deposit Payment:

  • Pay a 35% deposit, as outlined in the contract.

  • Choose a convenient payment method.


  • Coordinate with us to set an installation date based on material availability and our team's schedule.

Pre-Installation Preparation:

  • Clear the work area and remove obstacles before our team arrives.

Installation Day:

  • Our team removes old windows and/or doors and installs new ones.

  • Receive updates throughout the day on the progress.

Final Inspection:

  • Inspect the installed windows and/or doors with us to ensure they meet your expectations and contract terms.

Final Payment:

  • Pay the remaining balance as specified in the contract once the installation is complete and you're satisfied. 


  • We follow up with you to address any additional questions and ensure your satisfaction.

​This updated outline accommodates both windows and doors, providing a comprehensive guide for you through the installation process.


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